The MapMe Applet

MapMe is a Java applet designed to be used as a form element for obtaining a reasonably accurate geographic location by letting a user pick it from a map. The data can be submitted by letting JavaScript extract the geographic position from the applet and substitute the data in hidden fields of the form.

Other uses could include storing the user's geo-data in a cookie to generate regionally-flavored content as the user navigates through a website.

Try the Demo (Note: Certain JavaSript features of the demo form are not supported in MS Internet Explorer 3.0)

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Nuts and Bolts

It may not be apparent at a glance, but MapMe does some real number-crunching to convert the x,y coordinates of the map image to corresponding geographic positions. Using actual cartographic algorithms, positions are calculated based upon the map projection (The world map is a mercator projection and the other maps are sinusoidal.) The accuracy of the algorithms is somewhat masked by the limitations of screen resolution (the size of a pixel on the map.)

In order to minimize download time on typical dial-up Internet connections, we have opted to provide map images that are as compact as possible, sacrificing some detail. The purpose of the applet is only to provide approximate regional accuracy, and not necessarily pinpoint accuracy. Each map image is only about five kilobytes. Some of the images were captured from the Xerox PARC Map Viewer, and modified for use with MapMe.

The only maps currently available with MapMe are those shown in the demo. We are currently working to add other maps of major world regions.

MapMe is written to run under either Java 1.02 or Java 1.1. The applet can be initiallized with latitude and longitude parameters to provide a default initial position, although we have not used that feature in this demo.

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