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JSNTP - Accurate Time with Javatm

Version 1.05 - March 5, 1999

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Download JSNTP
JSNTP is available in several formats for Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux and generic Java platforms. JSNTP includes on-line documentation to help get started with the program. Please read system requirements.

Developers... New SNTP Package Availability

In addition to offering our free JSNTP package, we are pleased to make our compact SNTP pacakge available for licensing. With this package, it is easy to add SNTP time synchronization to your Java applications and applets (applets will require server-side privileges to run a small proxy server provided with the package.) A fully functional no-cost evaluation download is available at the SNTP package home page.

What's New?

New features include native support for Linux (x86), the ability to run JSNTP in "quiet" console mode, Swing look and feel, and a few minor bug fixes, including one pertaining to frame placement with MRJ 2.1 (MacOS).


JSNTP is a free, cross-platform java application that uses Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) to accurately synchronize your computer's clock with any of the dozens of NTP servers on the Internet.


JSNTP runs on any platform that supports Java 1.1, and includes Java Native Interface (JNI) support for Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, Linux (x86), MacOS and Solaris (x86 and Sparc).

Using native methods to set time, JSNTP will typically synchronize your computer's clock to within 100 milliseconds with a network time server. In cases where JSNTP does not provide native methods, it should be possible to synchronize within a second by providing time and date command templates in JSNTP's Options settings.

In addition to keeping your system "on time," JSNTP will also keep you online by optionally connecting to the NTP server at random time intervals that you specify.

System Requirements:

64 Mb of RAM is recommended. 32 Mb is the minimum. Best performance will be realized with Pentium II class machines, running at 300 Mhz or faster, with fast hard disks.

A Java 1.1-capable platform is required. These include the tested platforms, Windows 95/98/NT, MacOS w/MRJ 2.1, Sparc/Intel Solaris and Linux(x86). For Windows we offer a download option that includes the necessary Java Runtime Environment 1.1.7B (JRE) as well as a download that does not include the JRE.

For downloads that do not include the JRE, a pre-installed Java 1.1.7 (or later) runtime will be required to install JSNTP. JSNTP has not been tested with Java 2, and may not work properly on all platforms with Java 2.

Java runtimes and development kits are freely available at the JavaSoft website for Windows and Solaris. Apple's MRJ 2.1 is available at Apple's Java site. Java for the Linux platform is available at Blackdown.

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