GifCanvas - Animated GIF Viewing for Java 1.02 and 1.1

Version 1.4 (March 19, 1999)

GIFCanvas is a small Javatm package (9.6 KB uncompressed) to display Animated GIF89a images. GIFCanvas is not just another animation loop. It parses animated GIF's, and creates an animation sequence using the frames and timing specified in the image file. New in version 1.4 - support for static GIF87a images, and local color table support!

Demonstrations, Documentation and Download

Who needs this?

Why develop a special class to display animated GIF's when browsers do a fine job? GIFCanvas was created pimarily for use in Java applications, and pop-up Java windows where existing animated GIF's (such as advertisements) need to be displayed. GIFCanvas can also be used to create unique, and attention-grabbing banners. See our demo!


GIFCanvas 1.4 is available now , compatible with Java 1.02 and Java 1.1. Download the no-cost evaluation package.

Further Information

For further information on obtaining GIFCanvas or letting us put it to work for you, please send email to

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