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Latest Version 2.1.1, July 23, 1999
Certified 100% Pure Java 2!

New! JDSS II for the Enterprise runs on Java 2 and features remote administration and access to users/keys from a single location over Windows networks or with RMI, secure encryption of user information, drag and drop capability for signing documents, improved Swing-based look and feel,  backward compatibility with previous versions of JDSS, and outgoing SMTP email capabilities.Now runs on Windows 98!

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Certified 100% Pure
Java 2!

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JARS Top 1% Rated!

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Product Information

JDSS II provides an inexpensive, effective solution for irrefutably signing and verifying electronic documents of all kinds. JDSS II is non-intrusive, and does not alter the document being signed in any way. Super-friendly, JDSS II is designed for non-technical end-users, and does not require any knowledge of security or cryptography. There's no need to remember arcane command-line procedures, eliminating excuses for not signing your documents. Protect yourself and your correspondents with JDSS II.

Basic Features

  • Permit administration of public/private keypairs by JDSS "administrator".
  • Configurable SMTP outgoing mail capabilities, with optional default attachments.
  • Permit users to create a password-protected public/private keypair (private key is encrypted when not in use.)
  • Digitally sign documents with private key.
  • Optionally create a Zip file containing the document(s), signature attachment(s) and signer's public key.
  • Send the signed document as an email attachment.
  • Export public key data for your correspondents use in verifying a digitally signed documents.
  • Import public keys from your correspondents to verify documents that they have digitally signed.
  • Viewable public key fingerprint for simple key verification.
  • Verify digitally signed documents.
  • Log outgoing mail messages and attachment lists.
  • Indexed and searchable online help documentation.
  • User-selectable Look and Feel (to the extent that this is supported by Swing)
  • Drag and Drop capabilities. (Windows only)

Networked Features

  • Maintain public/private key data in a central location, accessible by RMI over an intranet.
  • Remote administration of key data.

Online Documentation

Browse the JDSS II online help files. This documentation describes JDSS II in detail, and can also be accessed from the JDSS application's indexed and searchable help viewing system


JDSS II is presently available for Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 and Solaris Platforms. Other platforms will be supported as soon as stable Java 2 runtimes are available.

New: JDSS II 2.1.1 runs on Windows 98 with the latest version of Java 2!

FREE Single-user Version!

Go to the JDSS II Download Area Now! (Windows and Solaris only) Download options include an easy-to-install Windows setup with full Java 1.2.2 runtime components, as well as a cross-platform generic installer for Windows or Solaris systems with a pre-installed Java 1.2.2 runtime.

Y2K Statement

JDSS II does not contain any code that is vulnerable to Y2K. As Java bytecode it is dependent upon the Java 2 runtime.To the best of our knowledge, information and belief, the Java 2 runtime is fully Y2K compliant, as documented at Sun's website.


JDSS II licensing is based on the number of users with signing privileges (private keys.) All versions of JDSS can import an unlimited number of public keys for verification purposes. The table below lists the available options.

Number of Users

Price (USD)



2 - 10


11 - 20




A "user" is defined as an entity with signing (private key) privilege. All license options support an unlimited number of public keys, for verifying documents.

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