How Accurate is your System Clock?

Note: This applet requires a Java 1.1 capable browser, such as IE 4.0 or Navigator 4.5. This applet will probably not work if you are behind a firewall or proxy server.


This applet will say "Your clock is accurate!" if it estimates a correction less than one-tenth of a second. Our tests indicate that this applet is usually correct within a couple of tenths of a second, probably as a result of additional overhead incurred in running the applet through the browsers Java VM. The JSNTP application lets you communicate directly to an NTP server, and is typically accurate to better than 100 milliseconds.

We'd like to set your system clock for you, but browser security prevents this. However, with the JSNTP application, you can take care of this yourself, using an NTP server of your choice.

The correction is based upon an SNTP packet from NTP server, passed to the applet through a special proxy server application running at KC Multimedia.

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