BannerBall by KCMDG

This applet demonstrates an extension of KC Multimedia's commercial GIFCanvas class, creating an interactive arcade-style game running on top of an Animated GIF advertising banner. As web-surfers numb to the routine barrage of advertising (when was the last time you clicked-thru a banner?) webmasters are looking for new ways to make ad campaigns more effective. Our interactive ad banner is designed to result in a higher click-thru rate....

How to play:

  1. Press the "Start" button.
  2. Use the Up/Down keys to control the paddle, or drag it with the mouse.
  3. A game lasts 60 seconds. For each ball returned, one point is scored. For each passed ball, a point is subtracted.
  4. The game will stop automatically after 60 seconds, or press the stop button.
  5. After viewing the final score, press the OK button to resume display of the ad banner.

This extension requires a moderately powered computer to run at a playable speed (Pentium 166 class, minimum?)

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